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Real Patient Testimonials:

I would not trade Dr. Bush for anything in the world. He is just hands down the best doctor in the area. He is thorough, patient, kind and never hurries you. He has a gentle touch and a wonderful bedside manner. We moved to the desert in 2004 and had to find a new physician, my husband and I feel so blessed to have found him. He also performs cosmetic procedures and I had Smart Lipo done last year by him. I am over the moon happy with my results and now have a waist again.  I highly recommend Dr. Bush for all your medical and cosmetic needs. His staff is top notch and whenever you call for an appointment or prescription refills they are more than accommodating.
– T.S., Indio, CA

The most amazingly great doctor I’ve ever met.  I felt so comfortable with him that I got the courage to tell him about symptoms I have and needed to disclose to a doctor but never did.  He’s so competent, calm and compassionate.  I feel like finding Dr. Bush was like receiving a gift from an angel.  I can’t say enough good things about him.   Like Dr. Bush said, seems like is a lost art.  And Dr. Bush is a rare gem who continues to practice the art of listening.
– Pat G., Palm Desert, CA

Had my initial consult with Dr Bush; he was professional, warm, and very thorough. My appointment was later in the day so I expected a wait, but there wasn’t even time to read an article on my phone before I was called back. Dr. Bush spent over an hour with me and came out to the lobby to meet my husband afterwards. He dictated as we talked, which I liked, then I could hear his thoughts or next move on any given subject. I honestly am looking forward to my next appointment.
– Sarah, Palm Springs, CA 

Finest physician I have ever met. He is so compassionate and such a great listener – he really listens. I felt so comfortable with Dr. Bush that I disclosed things to him that I had never told a doctor before but needed to. He really cares. And, he has the skills to treat a patient effectively. He spends a lot of time with patients to give them proper attention. Thank you, Dr. Bush!
– Pat Galvez, Palm Desert, CA

I am a physician, although not a professional colleague of Dr. Bush. I can go to any primary care physician I choose. My wife and I have chosen him for the past five years. He listens; he explains; he takes time; he cares.
– Lyle F, Palm Springs, CA