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Finding Your Path

Dr. Ronald Bush is board certified and has been providing patients with exceptional medical care for over 30 years. He performs a number of aesthetic procedures for those interested in optimizing and improving their appearance. Dr. Bush stays on the cutting edge of health and wellness and uses the latest technologies to provide optimal results for his clients.

  • Dr. Bush has been Recognized as Top Physician by Palm Springs Life.
  • Our staff goes above and beyond for every client.
  • We customize your procedures for YOU.
  • Dedicated To Patient Education

Our mission is a simple one:

By blending modern technologies in medicine with time-honored values of compassion, empathy & respect, our doctor/patient approach helps to educate and create positive change through the integration of physical, emotional, and intellectual health, one patient at a time.


If you believe Dr. Bush and his staff are the right one's for you. Contact us to start your new life.Contact Us Now